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    Reed Cagle

    Reed Cagle founded Heartland Energy Inc. in 1997. He served as the company's president and chief executive officer. Under his leadership, HEI became a leading independent energy company focused on innovative and cost-effective energy solutions.


    Reed has always had a passion for the energy industry. After collaborating with joint venture partners to recruit numerous energy industry experts, he formed his own company in 2006. The company's primary focus was the sponsorship and exploration of gas, oil, and mineral sites. In 2006, Reed also became involved in the oil industry's drilling services sector. He financed an alliance with Mid-Continent Drilling and constructed a 2,000-horsepower drilling rig.


    He started his career in the mining industry in 2011. He made his fortune by purchasing a mining concession in Oregon, which yielded an impressive 89,000 ounces of gold. He also conducted mining in Chile. In Copiapo, he was involved with a gold and copper processing facility. He assisted with both funding and day-to-day operations.


    Mr. Cagle is a man of many talents and accomplishments. One of his most noteworthy achievements was developing a proprietary procedure that eliminated and neutralized toxic substances in the liquid, which was then safely separated from the metals. This allowed him to successfully enter the U.S. and South American mining industries in 2011. He acquired a mining concession in Oregon that contained over 89 thousand ounces of gold!


    Reed Cagle has a wealth of experience in the mining industry and has even invented his method for removing and neutralizing toxic substances from liquids while recovering precious metals. This technology is utilized in Copiapo and has potential applications in the mining industry worldwide. Mr. Cagle believes that the global mining industry can benefit from this innovation and is working to make this a reality.


    He has spent most of his life in Texas and currently resides in Plano. He focuses on midsize, independent oil and energy companies, providing them with various consulting services. However, he also enjoys consulting in other industries. Right now, he is working with a large landscaping company that serves East and Central Texas and his clients in the gas and oil industries.


    Reed is an outdoorsman. He enjoys hunting and flies fishing in his free time. He also regularly cycles and believes cycling is excellent for children and adults. Reed is also a licensed private pilot and enjoys flying whenever he gets the chance.


    Mr. Cagle is highly involved with his local church. He is frequently asked to organize and lead men's fellowship activities because of his outgoing personality and love of the outdoors. He also enjoys golf and is an accomplished golfer with a handicap of four. Mr. Cagle frequently plays golf with his son and sponsors charitable golf tournaments.

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